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Pureborn® δεσμεύεται να σας προσφέρει τα καλύτερα
απαραίτητα για μωρά που θα μπορούσατε να ονειρευτείτε

Είμαστε αφοσιωμένοι στη διατήρηση της ισχυρής ηθικής μας στάσης
και επικεντρωνόμαστε στη χρήση μόνο των ασφαλέστερων συστατικών στα προϊόντα μας

  • Βιολογικές πάνες

  • Μαντηλάκια

  • Pull-Up Παντελόνι

  • Μαγιό παντελόνι

  • Βρεφικό δέρμα

  • Οικολογικές τσάντες

Over 65 million

Happy Bottoms Worldwide

PureBorn® was created to support the little ones, parents and the environment. We are committed to upholding our strong ethical stance in every element of our business and are particularly focused on using only the safest ingredients in formulating our products consisting of ‘only PURE goodness’.

Only use
safe pure

gentle enough
for newborns

Certified excellent
for eco-friendly
practices & product

Never tested
on animals

Ultra Soft Organic Bamboo Nappies

Ultra Soft Organic Bamboo Nappies

PureBorn® Nappies are not only safe and gentle on your baby’s skin, with all the accreditations to prove it, but they are also safe for our environment.

Choose your favourite nappy print

Made from Organic Bamboo

Comfort & Flexibility

Dermatologically Pediatrician Tested

Vegan & Cruelty-Free


Produced with 100% Green Energy

Our charitable commitment

For every 5 nappies purchased we donate 1 nappy to a family in need


Estimated Nappies
to Donate in 2024

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